1. Personal data is not collected by us, except for the Google account information as part of the use of services in the Play Store.

2. Personal data is not shared with third parties, except for the Google services you use.

3. Game can connect to the server and download informations (records, results)

4. Game can send results from the game to the server (records, results)

5. Game not send any documents and files from the phone.

6. You should always download files from our domain or google play store.

7. We keep app permissions to a minimum for maximum security.

8. The displayed flag icons are simplified and do not represent official equivalents of the national flag.


1. Personal data is not collected by us.

2. Personal data is not shared with third parties.

( Concerns the use of the application. )

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) :

Data such as email and username is securely stored on google services or on our servers.

Installing the application is voluntary and at any time you can delete your account,

and cancel your consent to the retention of the information you have entered.

Deleting data

Results and competitions - data is automatically deleted after the end of the competition, you can delete your data earlier by contacting us.

Contact administrator Optim-X

e-mail :

+48 694-548-757